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Feedback is something that we want as much as you. We promise to be forthright and forthcoming for the duration. Of course, we just love giving people good news, its just a shame that however hard we try, the reality is for every candidate we place, there will be others that didn't succeed. By same token, from a client perspective if your offer of employment is declined, you'll need to know why.

Whatever the news may be, we will not withhold information or shy away from telling you what you should know. Then , if there is room for improvement we'll help you move forward. And we wholeheartly encourage you to offer us the same level of feedback in return.


Jaison and team octopix is, without a doubt, the most experienced and talented website designer/creator. His work is extremely unique. He is willing to work with you every step of the way to make sure you are satisfied! Thanks Jaison for all your hard work!


Faizan Dolani

Dallas, United States

jaison was amazing. Friendly, helpful, fast, and the work was great. Anything I wanted, he could do, no questions. I will use him again and tell my friends to use him for all their website needs.


Ryan Clauson

Dothan, United States

Jaison did some top-notch design  work for me. He's very responsive and quick. I would recommend Jaison  for all your design needs!


Tommy Jarnac

Paris, France

Jaison is a great designer. Delivery on time and high quality designs. Looking forward to future projects with him...


Hussein AlSarabi

Amman, Jordan

I have worked with Johnson and Jaison over a certain project. Turnaround time is very good. These guys deliver more than what you expect from them. I highly recommend working with them. It's really value for money.



Manila, Philippines

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